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Do men feel guilt at denying paternity, when they are informed about a pregnancy? Or do the men just move on and feel no guilt? Should I feel damaged by their actions?

1 Answers - (Newest, 11 May 2013)A female South Africa age 26-29, *hot writes:

Hello, friends, aunts, uncles etc

I have a question again.... I am pregnant thanks to the advice I got I'm keeping my baby God will provide something for us. My question is do these men who abandon they children really move on or they do sit down and guilt stricken. Do they have a conscience at all. What makes them deny ? The fact that they don't love you or is it being afraid of responsibility ? I don't get how a man can put his penis in you and then when there is pregnancy he runs and claims its not his. If you were that much of a bitch as he claims why does he keep coming back and doesn't use protecrion when you ask him? So the statement they use about you sleeping around would jus be an excuse usually right? I have had a weakness for Nigerian man. The 1st one made me abort and the 2nd one ran denying the baby. Is it me or Nigerian men? This is really affecting me. I feel they have damaged for the abortion then a fatherless child. Is it ok for me hate them? it makes me feel better to hate them. Am I damaged now? will I ever trust men again?

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A female reader, NORA B Ireland + ?, writes (11 May 2013):

Wishing you and your forecoming babe every happiness for the future.In reply to your question it would depend very much on the man as we all hae different ideas of what is right and wrong behaviour.There is no point long term to hate men as that would make you bitter.You are hurt,angry and feel alone right now but that will pass in time and yes you will heal.Right now you hae to focus on making plans for you and your baby and keeping healthy and that will keep you going for a long time.Be gentle with youself and yes in Time you will trust men again.Kind Wishes .Nora B.

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